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Sports & Suwon -1 Visiting KT wiz baseball Park

2017.05.08 관리자 5520

In Korea, where professional baseball game has begun since 1982, baseball has become one of the most popular sports. Even though the sport does not have a long history like America, Korea’s baseball has a special cheering culture and a unique color. With a population of over one million, Suwon had two clubs; Hyundai and KT. Today, I visited KT WIZ Park in Suwon, where a team called KT WIZ is playing the season games, to tell you about Korea's unique baseball culture.

Advanced reservation is required in case you want to sit in a good place and cheer for a team. Because lot of people visit Baseball Park on weekdays as well as weekends. In Korea, professional baseball game tickets can be booked through different web-sites for each club. In the case of KT WIZ, you can make a reservation by using the ticket link and visiting the homepage of KT WIZ.

Website for KT wiz: http://www.ktwiz.co.kr/sports/site/baseball/game/ticket_reserve_general.do
Website for ticket link: http://www.ticketlink.co.kr/sports/baseball/62#reservation

1. Seat plan of Wiz Park

I also made a reservation in advance before visiting the stadium. Taking a bus is the most reasonable way to get to the stadium. The following routes can be used to visit WIZ Park.
G-bus (Green line) : 25, 25-2, 25-5, 27, 36, 52, 62-1, 99-1, 300-1, 310, 777, 900
Express Bus (Red line) : 2007, 3000, 7770

Once you make a reservation, you can print your ticket with automatic ticket machines. Each ticket is printed with photos of famous players from the club, including manager. If you want to cheer home team KT WIZ, I highly recommend you to take a seat nearby first base or if you want to stand for away the team, you’d better take a seat next to the third base.

2. Entrance near the 1st base & A ticket with main coach's photo

First, Korean baseball game has an enthusiastic cheering culture. Each player is received cheers with one’s designated songs and slogan. Crowds sing and dance with three to five cheerleaders. Secondly, it is also characterized by a culture of eating food and drinking beer while watching the games. The weekday game starts at 18:30, and on weekend at 14:00. As the game lasts more than three hours, spectators have enough time to eat snacks or meals. So, there are a lot of people enjoying "Chimack” (means chicken & beer in Korean) while watching the game. There are various convenience stores inside the arena, so you can buy food at any time you want, but I recommend you to purchase food outside when considering the price and the starting time of the game. However, you should aware that most of the stadiums prohibit carrying beverages with higher than 6 proof alcohol, and the WIZ Park prohibits to bring in canned beverages.

3. Beer boys carrying beers on their back; 1,700\ per a cup

Each floor has its advantages according to the divided areas, and the 106 zone, where I entered, was so close to the bullpen that I could see the pitchers pitching to warm up there conditions. In addition, as the field is very close, you may feel like the game is playing right in front of you. The seat is also near the cheering stage so you can participate actively in group cheering.

4. Very close view at sector 106

When the game reaches the end, you can watch the spectacular performances with fireworks and mascots. On the day of my visit, home team KT lost 2: 1 by losing its final one point at last, but I had so much fun and it was a good time regardless of the result. If you are interested in enjoying unique Korean baseball culture, you will also enjoy a great time.


 [This article was written as part of SCVA(Suwon Center's Volunteer Activators) activities.]

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