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Enjoy this spring! Glimpse of Gyeonggi Provincial Cherry Blossom Festival

2017.04.19 관리자 5159

As the weather gets warmer, plants and people are welcoming the spring; flowers begin to bloom and people start to meet their acquaintances. Low humidity, mild temperatures, blue skies and green leaves are just some of the reasons tourists choose to visit Korea in spring. The number one reason might be to enjoy ‘spring flowers.’ For those who want to walk and take the scent of spring flowers, Suwon City has selected ‘10 Beautiful Spring Flower Streets’, and designated them as tourist attractions in April. Let's take a walk along the following streets and feel the spring.

1. Cherry Blossom Street, Gwanggyo Maru road

   (Gwangyo Firefly Restroom ~ Gwanggyo Shelter 1.7km

2. Suhocheon (Yulchon Middle School ~ Dongnam Health University, 1.8km)

3. Chilbo Dullegil Trail (Chilbo Homeplus - Zi Apartment Dullegil Trail, 3.6km)

4. Spring Route of the Hometown (Guasun Bridge Entrance ~ Homaesil IC, 4.3km)

5. Gyeonggi Provincial Office and Paldal Mountain road

     (Gyeonggi provincial government's main gate ~ Back gate ~ Citizens' Hall ~ Jeongjo Great King Statue, Paldal Mountain 1.9km)

6. Suwon World Cup Stadium

     (Tibrod Suwon Broadcasting ~ Suwon City Athletic Association Athletic Village ~ World Cup Stadium Entrance, 2.5km)

7. Manseok Park (led by Ilwang Reservoir, 1.4km)

8. Hwangchojicheon (Ohmokcheon Bridge ~ Local Industrial Complex, 3.9km)

9. Gwanggyo Lake Park (0.6km)

10. Hwaseong Fortress (Sujangdae ~ Hwaseomun, 5km)


Suwon City is planning to select ‘Beautiful Summer Flower Streets’ in June, ‘Beautiful Autumn leaves Streets’ in September, and ‘Scenic Streets with Snowflake’ in November this year.


Among the festivals mentioned above, cherry blossom festival is held every year at the Gyeonggi Provincial Office. The weather forecast in Suwon city had predicted that cherry blossoms would start to bloom from April 6. So Gyeonggi Provincial Office announced that the ‘Cherry Blossom Festival-Romantic Walk in 2017’ will be held for 3 days, from April 7 to 9. The cherry blossom road, the place for Romantic Walk, is Suwon City's representative cherry blossom viewing spot. 40-old 200 cherry blossom trees are planted along with the provincial government office, located nearby Paldal mountain and Suwon Hwaseong Fortress.

This year’s spring seemed to be passed exceptionally slowly. I was worried about the festival because it rained on April 6. However, as the temperature has risen by twenty-two degrees, the festival went off as planned and a lot of people gathered around to enjoy the famed pink flowers.

  These photos show the festival and glimpses of the day in Suwon city. Crowds of tourists and residents holding selfie sticks and mobile phones took some photos with flamboyant cherry blossom trees in the background on Saturday. They enjoyed the festival and saw cherry blossoms marking the beginning of spring.

The main stadium was lined with various participation program booths for families, children and seniors.

Also, Busking, a street performing, was found in the beneath of the full bloom cherry blossom trees. These things provided the gratification of sight and hearing of participants.


In addition, food trucks, food bikes, and markets have opened for the participants, so they were able to eat snacks in the street.


This year’s cherry blossom festival in the Gyeonggi Provincial Office captured our sights, sounds and tastes. Although the festival is over, you can still enjoy the cherry blossoms at other places.

1. Gyeonggi-Provincial Office - Good Morning House - Seojangdae - Gyeonggi-Provincial Office (60 minutes)

2. Gyeonggi-Provincial Office - Good Morning House - Seojangdae - Paldal Park - Gyeonggi-Provincial Office (90 minutes)

3. Gyeonggi-Provincial Office - Good Morning House - Hwaseong Fortress - Gyeonggi-Provincial Office (120 minutes) 

This information might be especially useful for foreign tourists, who plan to spend their holidays walking. I highly recommend you to take a tour based on the Suwon Cherry Blossom Romantic Walk Course.

 [This article was written as part of SCVA(Suwon Center's Volunteer Activators) activities.]

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