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Suwon 2016 the humanities festival ended in success.

2016.10.10 관리자 6753

Suwon 2016 the Humanities Festival ended in success.

[Picture/Suswon City]
The 2016 humanities festival for Suwon citizens has successfully ended on 23rd and 24th of september at Hwaseong Haenggung Square. This festival was launched to arouse people's interests in humanities and to vitalize local community. The visitors could enjoy various events like humanities lectures, book concert and exhibitions.

[Picture/SCVA Chanhui Park]
There were 4 sectors in this festival. The first one was exhibitions. Art works which had been made by citizens was displayed. And also the old pictures taken during the Japanese occupational period were exhibited for the purpose of informing Korean's dark history.

[Picture/SCVA Chanhui Park]
The second sector was communication activities. Many junior clubs in Suwon showed what they had practiced to the audience. For example, they performed taekwondo, play,and music. The political organizations issued the annual reports on their political actions and got feedbacks from citizens.
The last sector of festival was the programs about books. The participants shared the opinions about reading and discussed their reading habits. There was also an interview with local authors. In the other part of the festival, the second-hand items market was opened. People sold their books and bought the new ones there.        


[Picture/SCVA Chanhui Park]
The head of Paldal district office said "This event offers to the citizens special opportunities to experience the humanities and local activities. And we will keep trying to make good local events for our city."
And for more information, please visit www.suwon.go.kr



[This article was written as part of SCVA(Suwon Center's Volunteer Activators) activities.]

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