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Embroidering Suwoncheon River with beautiful lights during Fall

2016.09.27 관리자 6561

Embroidering Suwoncheon Stream with beautiful lights during Fall

When we look at the people walking on the streets, you can feel autumn is just around the corner. What could be a good festival to go with family,friends, and lover during September and October?

Commemorating 220th year of Suwon Hwaseong Fortress Fortification, citizens will install fantastic lanterns on Suwoncheon Stream and Woncheoncheon Stream. This festival will be held from september 29 to october 16 and the lights will be on from 19:30 to 22:00.

There will be 5 sections on Suwoncheon Stream, and 1 section on Woncheoncheon Stream. The followings are details of the festival.



In Suwonchoen Stream

 Section 1 : Dreaming of the peaceful times. In the first section, the main concept is that Suwon is the city where it held the King Jeongjo's wish for the peaceful times. This section will be from Hwahongmoon Gate to the first Maehyanggyo Bridge(230m)

 Section 2 : Suwoncheon Stream with sparkling lights and lamps. The concept of the second section is performances used sparkling lights and lamps. Also,  This section will be held from the first Maehyanggyo Bridge to Maehyanggyo bridge (360m)

 Section 3,4 : Desire for national prosperity and military power. The 15th Martial arts of 24 Martial Arts and the King's March. This section will be from Maehyanggyo Bridge to Namsumoon Gate.(350m)

 Section 5 : Participation of citizen and exhibition of various characters. In sectioin 5, there will be a exhibition of suwon's character, reappearance of the King Jeong-jo's March, and lamps made by citizens. This section will be from Namsumoon Gate to Gucheongyo Bridge.(500m)


In Woncheoncheon Stream

 Main concept of 1 section is the Wedding day and the 12 animal systems. This will be held from the frist Woncheongyo Bridge to Samsunggyo Bridge.




Pictures from: 2016 Suwon Hwaseong Visit Year Homepage



  [This article was written as part of SCVA(Suwon Center's Volunteer Activators) activities.]




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