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2016 Suwon Drone Festival

2016.06.24 관리자 6305

2016 Suwon Drone Festival

 Summer already come. And hot and humid weather will continue throughout the rainy season. It makes veryone irritated and angry. We should refresh ourselves with something coom. Then, it will be a good opportunity. The most interesting one is that these festival have no cost and time limit.

Suwon Drone Festival Poster


Where can we watch drones for free? Do not think that a free event is a cheapie. The festival was held under the supervision of Suwon, Ajou University(LINC TEAM), Korea Drone Industry Association.

Suwon Drone Festival provides an opportunity to experience drone through drone demonstration, experience, and education. Also, it will be a great chance to activate related industry.

Drone festival in last year, Ajou university  

It has many programs in two days, 25-26, June. Competition program includes drone mission challenges, mini drone racing, drone idea competitions and drone film festival. And experience zone contains drone fighter class with father, drone simulator control experience, and drone control. It shows a future world with drones.

In the USA, commercial drone are permitted recently. It may provide a lot of conveniences for people, however, there are problems too. But it's the reality that we can't deny. Then we should be ready to enjoy this situations, and give a interest to drone. I think this festival can be a first sign. Then we just go ahead. It will be a fantastic show in Suwon, and it will be a good opportunity to watch future. Let's go and refresh from this hot summer.

[This article was written as part of SCVA(Suwon Center's Volunteer Activators) activities.]

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