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Famous Soccer Player from Suwon

2016.06.24 관리자 6672

Famous Soccer Player from Suwon


‘Participate in World cup three times, Won UEFA Champions league, Won EPL Championship four times, Won Eredivisie.‘

What a brilliant career. It seems like a star soccer player from overseas. Surprisingly, he is a Korean soccer player, Ji-Sung Park, from Suwon. There are lots of stars from Suwon. But there's no one who has a road with his name. Ji-Sung Park road is made for celebration.

Ji-Sung Park road

Ji-Sung Park has a large influence in the world. English media said, 'Park is the first Asian player spending a successful career in the EPL. The best sports export item from South Korea.' And 'In South Korea, Park is the subject of hero and a player who excels the pitch. Taxi drivers will ask you "Do you know Ji-Sung Park?"
Federation Internationale de Football Association(FIFA) said through the official website, "Asia's best soccer player Ji-Sung Park declared his retirement."

Ji-Sung Park in pitch

Park Ji-sung is playing a charity game annually with K-pop Star. Also, Manchester United Football Academy is in a great success. And he also joined a TV entertainment programs.

Ji-Sung Park's charity game

He's still busy. He said his retirement because of knee injury, but he has given large dreams to many people. Park is a role of stimulant to someone who has a big hurdle in his/her life.

[This article was written as part of SCVA(Suwon Center's Volunteer Activators) activities.]

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