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Visiting Do-dream: Suwon Climate Change Education Center

2017.09.11 관 리 자 3081

What comes to your mind when you think of 밽lobal warming? A polar bear in danger of extinction because of melting ice? We are always being warned about the dangers of global warming, but there are not many people who can explain in detail when got asked about the matter. I also have just thought that global warming is 몋hing that should be avoided? but couldn뭪 explain its relevance to our daily lives and how to stop climate change in every lives.

So I visited 밆o-dream? Suwon Climate Change Experience & Education Center to learn about them. Suwon Climate Change Education Center is a specialized institute for climate change education that promotes fostering 밇tizen (Eco + citizen) who can cope with the climate change.?It is also an eco-friendly building that uses 85% of its own energy by introducing renewable energy such as solar, geothermal, and super-insulation.


When I first saw the building, the first thing I noticed was green ivy. The green curtains and blinds outside the building have the effect of lowering the building's temperature in hot summer.