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2018 Suwon Jazz Festival in September 7th and 8th

2018.10.30 관리자 1703

<2018 Suwon Jazz Festival in September 7th and 8th >



On September 8th, Suwon citizens spent romantic night on Jazz Festival, which was held in Outdoor stage of Gwanggyo Lake Park. The lawn square was filled with people not just Jazz-Lovers but also the people who wants to enjoy their time with music. If you want to go to the Gwanggyo Lake Park outdoor stage, you can take your car, or take a bus to the Gwanggyo Lake 2nd Parking Lot.


The biggest merits of the Suwon Jazz festival is that there is no charge for the performance. We do not need tickets. All we need to bring is a mat to seat down and some snacks. Since there is no restriction on age or size of a group in enjoying the festival, you can bring your entire family and friends. For the one who did not bring any food, there are Food Trucks back of the lawn square.


On Saturday (September 8th), five teams performed from 4 to 10pm. Even though it was getting dark and cold, most people kept their seats. Some of them were laying down and some brought tables to have dinner. Casual atmosphere of Jazz Festival allowed the people to enjoy and appreciate the Jazz music in their own way


The finale of this day was decorated by Wungsan. Wungsan is a Jazz Band that represents Korea. The vocals voice filled the stage. She induces audiences to move their bodies with her. Soon people stood up and jumped to the music.


This is how the crazy night of the 2018 Jazz Festival closed down. If you missed out this year, you should never miss the 2019 Jazz Festival. The Jazz Festival, hosted by Suwon is held annually in Gwanggyo Lake Park during September. I hope to see you next year.



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