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Try the genuine taste of Korean fried chicken!

2018.12.03 관리자 1299

Try the genuine taste of Korean fried chicken!

Writer: Soyeon Park

 Did you know that there is a hidden place which is full of Korean traditional fried chicken? Even though this place is close to Nammun(Paldalmun), the south gate of the Hwaseong Fortress, it is unknown to travelers but famous for the natives in Suwon. This place is called, ‘Nammun Tongdak Street’, meaning the street of fried chicken in Suwon. If you get off at the “Yeonmudae” stop of Hwaseong Trolley, it is easy to find this hidden place. Since this place is hard to find from Paldalmun, I was able to find some travel maps of the Tongdak Street which indicate different kinds of popular chicken places in this street.

<The sceneries of Suwon Tongdak Street>

 Of course once you visit here, you should try traditional friend chicken of Suwon in at least one place. Most of restaurants try their best to make their places stand out way more than the others. This is why it is easy to be blinded by so many advertisements and have some trouble to find a great one. So, I would like to recommend the most popular and delicious chicken place in the Nammun Tongdak Street.

 JInmi Tongdak is well known for its tradition and there are always bunch of people waiting for their turn no matter whether it is for eating there or taking out. Since they have many travelers and foreigners as their customers, they also have English menu. Also, some servers can use Chinese as they are from China. In addition, this restaurant also has the half-and-half menu which is composed of traditional seasoned fried chicken and fried chicken without sauce.


 The chicken was fresh and super crispy. Also it seems like the kitchen is well organized and they replace used oil in time. Even though the restaurant was busy, servers were pretty kind and tried serve their best. The price is even cheaper than franchise fried chicken restaurants compared to the amount and quality. So we could figure out why most of the natives of Suwon always eager to have their fried chicken there even though they must wait in a long line. I highly recommend you to visit this place once you visited the Nammun Tongdak Street.

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