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The Beauty of Nature in Suwon (Dangsu-Dong Family Farm)

2018.11.29 관리자 1289


The Beauty of Nature in Suwon (Dangsu-Dong Family Farm)


 Today I will show you one of the beautiful hidden spots in Suwon, the place where even Suwon citizens are not aware of. It is a place called Dangsu-Dong Family Farm which is located in Gyeonggi-do Suwon-si Kwonson-gu Dangsu-dong 434. The place is made by the Suwon Agricultural Technology Center where you can enjoy taking walk with the nature and there are also lands where families can create their own little farm, planting anything they want such as tomatoes, peppers and more. And once a year they hold a market called the ‘Daregi Market’. In the market, they sell fresh crops, snacks, handmade crafts made by the local residents. The land is very big so you can see the whole area covered with green barley in spring, sun flowers in summer, cosmos and reeds in autumn and trees covered with snow in winter.

 But the sad news is that this Dangsu-Dong Family Farm where friends, lovers and families can spend great time together will close next year.  The farm will be relocated to another place where old Seoul National University of Agriculture was located. It is moving because the land where the farm is now chosen to be Dangsu-dong’s public housing zone.

The land will later be filled with houses instead of green trees and diverse colors of flowers. The only choice we

have is to enjoy the place until this year and when the new farm is made elsewhere, we will have to visit there to feel the good difference between the old and new places.








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