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Hot Places in Haenggung- Dong, the Rising Star of Suwon

2018.11.29 관리자 1419


Hot Places in Haenggung- Dong, the Rising Star of Suwon



 Few years ago, ‘Haenggung-Dong’ the town where the Suwon Hwaseong Fortress is located became a very famous place to visit among people living in Suwon and now visitors from all over Korea come to Suwon just to visit Haenggung-Dong.

As so called ‘Haenggung-Dong-Lover’, I would like to introduce you to some of the places you can visit while travelling here.

Of course the main part is the Suwon Hwaseong Fortress. You might want to take a walk right beside the castle wall, following the tracks. After the sunset, the lights lit up alongside the path and it makes it even more beautiful.

Alongside the path there are signs explaining every castle doors and their meanings.

After taking a walk, you might get very hungry because it takes quite a while to walk around the fortress.

Now it is the perfect time to have lunch or dinner! There are a lot of restaurants but I recommend you to go to

보영만두’: a restaurant selling Korean fried dumplings with spicy noodles. They can only be found in Suwon and the one in Haenggung-Dong is the very first store of 보영만두. After the meal, you might want to have a cup of coffee as Haenggung-Dong is also very famous for beautiful cafes. For instance, ‘Jeongjiyoung Coffee’ is famous for delicious croissants with their coffee made out of home-roasted coffee beans. They have a roof-top with a view of ‘Janganmun’(The northern gate of Suwon Hwaseong Fortress) where you can enjoy traditional sights of Korea.

Other than that, there are book stores where you can buy books that are not easy to buy,

vintage shops with antique goods and even bars and pubs where you can stay and enjoy the area until late at night.

There are still so many stores and entertainments increasing around Haenggung-Dong and it obviously

became a tourism spot for foreigners and even Koreans. I hope you can make a time to visit the place and have fun!.



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