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Ballet Don Quixote – Suwon SK Artrium

2018.10.30 관리자 3510

<Ballet Don Quixote Suwon SK Artrium>

Yang Jee Hye


At Suwon SK Artrium (SK Atrium), you can enjoy various kinds of culture and art related programs at a reasonable price. (address : 24-25, Imok-ro, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea) Presented programs are such as plays, concerts, and ballet shows




-About Korean National Ballet

On August 12th, Ballet Don Quixote was enacted by the 'Korean National Ballet'. Korean National Ballet, was founded in 1962. <The Nutcracker>, <Swan Lake>, <Spartacus>, <La Bayadere>, <Giselle> are its representative works. Korean National Ballet contributes to vitalization of local culture with easy-to-understand programs in Korea. Also, It spreads out the beauty of ballet all over the world.








With bullfighters and Spanish women dancing festively in the square, Kitri , the tavern keeper's daughter, makes an appearance. The beautiful Kitri captures the hearts of the young men, but she is already in love with Basilio, the penniless barber. Kitri 's father Lorenzo plots to marry his daughter to the dull-witted yet rich aristocrat Camacho.

In the tavern where the drinkers dance, Lorenzo and Camacho appear together and urge Kitri to marry with Camacho. Accordingly, Basilio makes a scene of suicide. Kitri is crying over him who is collapsed and give appeal to Don Quixote to help. Then, Don Quixote threats Lorenzo to revive Basilio. Oppressed by Don Quixote, Lorenzo gives them permission to marry. The moment Lorenzo gives his permission, like a magic, Basilio springs to his feet and holds kitri tight.

Many people are preparing Kitri and Basilios wedding. young man and woman make an appearance wearing beautiful clothes. At the wedding feast, the couple and the guests celebrate their wedding with dance. With Kitri and Basilios grand pas de deux, the curtain closes




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