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  • Suwon Theatre Festival 2015 is on now!

    On May 1st (Friday) to 5th (Tuesday), Suwon Cultural Foundation and Suwon city hall holds Suwon Theatre Festival to celebrate its 19th anniversary. This event has a purpose of introducing World Cultural Heritage, Suwon Hwaseong, and giving us opportunities to have a glance at Modern Performing Arts.

  • Cherry Blossoms Festivals in Suwon: Ajou University and Gyeonggi Province

    Hello guys, are you having a great time in April? April is the perfect season to see the flowers. Especially, there are lots of cherry blossoms that people really like, magnolia and so on.

  • I’m a Suwoner! of SWCIC Korean Culture Day

    Last Fri., April 3rd, Suwon Center for International Cooperation (SWCIC) in Suwon held a Guide for International Students Program 'I'm a Suwoner’, which is held once every year.

  • How to Go to Suwon's Hot Places by Bus!

    Hello guys! Today I will introduce about bus information of Suwon! Do you usually take a taxi to go to place of Suwon? If you take a taxi to go there, It would be very convenient. But its cost is more expensive than taking a bus.

  • Universities in Suwon (Ajou, Kyunghee, Kyunggi, Sungkyunkwan)

    Today I would like to introduce universities located in Suwon. There are several events at these universities on April and May, so this article would be helpful for gathering useful information. I am going to let you know the locations, brief features, and the schedule of events of each university.

  • Suwon City Holds Cherry Blossom Festival in Seo Ho Park

    On April 5th and 12th, Suwon city holds Cherry Blossom Festival called “Open Field for Culture(열린문화장터)”in Seo Ho park. The opening hour is from 10:00am to 10:00pm. That is first time to hold in Seo Ho park located in Hwa Seo town.

  • Maetan Park with Various Sports Space

    There are many small parks throughout Suwon, where local people can walk and exercise. Among them, I will introduce a small park that has a wide range of sports facilities. The park name is Maetan park and which is located in Maetan-dong.

  • ‘The Tenth Heart’, KT Wiz Suwon

    Do you like baseball? I have great news! Congratulation!! In 2015, finally Suwon city establish a baseball team Suwon KT! There are 10 professional baseball teams in Korea including Suwon KT now.

  • Suwon Gwanggyo Museum, ‘The girl's undried tears’

    Today I will introduce about ‘The girl’s undried tears’. If you are in Korea and would like to learn about the Korean history, I recommend you to visit ‘Suwon Gwanggyo Museum’ .The pictures above are the views of the museum, and right side picture is the post of ‘The girl’s undried tears’. Everyone will wonder what this is about, right?

  • A Small Cute Restaurant in Suwon, 'Food Therapy'

    If you ever find yourself around Ajou University looking for somewhere to eat, there is no shortage of places to choose from. If you are really hungry and looking for a delicious homemade meal at a reasonable price that is big enough to make you full, then I find it hard to think of anything better than Food Therapy.

  • Mr. Toilet House, Suwon Toilet Museum

    Thinking of visiting Suwon? Well, you should because: Suwon is the city with the most beautiful public toilet in the world! And if that is not enough of a reason, I’m here to tell you that this is the only place on Earth where you can find a museum shaped like this:

  • Templestay in Yongjoosa!

    I went to Yongjoosa for a program of Suwon Center for International Cooperation as a volunteer with some foreign students who are staying in Suwon as exchanged students. Even if it was so harsh and cold, I learned lots of things.