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The 2nd Suwon Korean Speaking Contest for Foreign Residents

2015.12.01 관리자 8000

The 2nd  Suwon Korean Speaking Contest for Foreign Residents


The 2nd  Suwon Korean Speaking Contest of Foreign Residents was held on the 22nd of November by Suwon government at city hall. There were sixteen teams that consisted of workers and foreign immigrant women from Vietnam, Philippine, China, Nepal, and Kazakhstan.

The topic of the competition was to present fairy tale for 3minutes. Participants were evaluated by examination standard including the expressiveness, content, pronunciation, intonation, and audience response. Ngyen Tikimpng(?) from Vietnam won the first place through Hokburi- geezer. He said that he got used to live in Korea because he was able to communicate well now, and he will try to be an earnest person.

A staff of Suwon city said We, Suwon will constantly try to make more places for cultural communication like this Korean Speaking Competition, in order to help foreigners adapt to the Korean culture and help their Korean studies



[This article was written as part of SCVA(Suwon Center's Volunteer Activators) activities.]


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