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German choir visits Suwon to celebrate sister-city agreement

2015.11.25 관리자 50765

German choir visits Suwon to celebrate sister-city agreement












A German choir visited Suwon to hold a choir concert to mark the sister-city agreement between German city of Freiburg and Suwon.

To promote friendship between two cities, the Camerata Vocale Freiburg held a joint concert with the Suwon City Choir at Suwon SK Atrium on Sept. 3. 

The concert was attended by Suwon citizens, Mayor Yeom Tae-young and city government officials. 







Before the concert, the choir team visited cultural heritage sites in Suwon, including Hwaseong Fortress. They also watched a Korean traditional martial arts performance and participated in the traditional Korean archery class.

The choir is based in Freiburg, located in southern Germany, a city known for its environmental efforts. The city has more bicycles than cars and cars are only permitted to drive on a main highway.

The sister city agreement between two cities is expected to be signed in November. Suwon expects to conduct various exchanges with Freiburg in the field of environment and transportation.














[This article was written as part of SCVA(Suwon Center's Volunteer Activators) activities.]




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