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Suwon's Hot Place, Na Hye-seok street.

2016.09.20 관리자 3524

Suwon's Hot Place, Na Hye-seok street.


Hi. everyone.

Where do you visit when you come to Suwon? Today, I recommend one place to enjoy your day. Maybe you already knew the place I want to recommend, because of its name. It's Na-Hye seok street!


This street is named after Na-Hye seok. She was born and raised up in Suwon. She is also known as the first woman artist who draw Western Art. Moreover She was born during the Japanese colonial era and used to participate in the independence movement. For these reasons, city constructed a street to honor her.


On Na Hye-Seok street, there are lots of restaurants and cafes. Moreover, near the street, there are Hyowon Park, shopping center, and movie theater. You can do all things on this street. (eating, shopping, taking a walk, watching movie etc...)


Of course, the street is beautiful even at night. At night, street vendors are open. So, the street is crowded with people on weekends.


Then, where is the street? It is located in Ingye-dong.

How about enjoying your weekends on Na Hye-Seok street?


 [This article was written as part of SCVA(Suwon Center's Volunteer Activators) activities.]

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