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University students in Suwon invite you to "hidden restaurant"

2016.05.27 관리자 3946

University students in Suwon invite you to "hidden restaurant"

There are three main necessities of human life; food, clothing and shelter. Above all things, ‘Food’ is probably the most important thing. Delicious foods bring happiness to us and also it is essential in our life. 'What should we have for tonight?' would be the question that would stick in your head for all day long.

If you could not find a good restaurant, no matter how much you have searched for, or if you had visited all the places where it is known as delicious places, I would recommend these two restaurants.

you'll necessarily recall Backwoods(두메산골) every raining day.

If you ask “Do you know any good Korean restaurant??”, Ajou University students would strongly recommend “backwoods”. From the front gate of Ajou Univ to the Ajou Univ three-way intersection, there are restaurants and bars lining on the street. But, this place is hidden among brilliant stores. Nearby residential area, there is an antique thatch-roofed house. At night, many people would think the place is a private house. However, once you visit this place, you would be amazed because of its exterior, inside, and taste and price of the food.

If you have a chance to visit Sungkyunkwan University, visit 'a province of food'. A blue neon sign will greet you. Even though the restaurant is pretty narrow and shabby, many peope say that it is delicious restaurant, and so it was. Tha's why the place was able to survice in many new restaurants. The main menu is braised spicy chicken. The food was served enough for two people but the price was only 17000won. In addition, Korean Pancake, fish cake soup, and two bowls of rice were for free! I think that's why many people recommended this place

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