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Festival of Ajou University

2018.06.04 관리자 2530


Festival of Ajou University

There was a festival from May 23 to 25 in Ajou University. Ajou University is located in Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si. There were various clubs and student council performances. Those were mostly singing and dancing. Some food and accessories were sold in booth.

In the evening, celebrities visited and performed, and so many people gathered to watch. First day, singer Sooran sang some nice songs. The audience shouted at the encore, and she sang one more song. Second day, Moon moon and Dinamic Duo visited and performed.
Ahead of the college festival season, the Ministry of Education sent out an official letter banning students from operating bars. At the request of the National Tax Service on June 25, the Education Ministry sent a number of cases of violating the liquor tax law to public and private universities across the country where students operate bars without a license during the school festival. As a result, students only sold snacks at the bar, allowing customers to buy and drink alcohol themselves. Contrary to expectations of the number of guests, there were no seats at the bar, so we had to reserve and wait.