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Fostering Citizen Global Awareness

Talk Lounge  

For : Suwon citizens

Activity :
  • Studying foreign languages with a native advisor in a friendly atmosph
  • English, Chinese & Japanese talking clubs

Lecture on Global Cultures “Sympathizing with Multiculture"  

For : Suwon citizens

Activity : To promote citizens’ capacity in sympathizing multiculture and global awareness through lectures by experts in different cultures in the world

Video language exchange on Skype  

For : citizens who can speak Japanese

Activity : To offer a chance of video language exchange between Suwon citizens who study Japanese and Fukui citizens who study Korean.

Meeting the global leaders as students’ mentor  

For : middle and high school students who are interested in international activities

Activity : Through listening to global professionals’ vivid experience, students can gain motivation and useful information on the necessary qualities and skills they will need in order to become an international activist for their future career path.

Citizen Announcers Academy and Suwon Global News  

For : citizens who can speak English

Activity :
  • To offer education to selected announcers who can speak foreign language and train them to be citizen announcers
  • To take part in Suwon Global News on civic administration(Suwon iTV)

Suwon Center’s Volunteer Activators (SCVA) 

For : university students who volunteer to participate in international exchange activities

Activity :
  • Writing English articles on Suwon English Blog to promote Suwon to foreigners
  • Planning and carrying out Korean culture experience programs & supporting Korean learning program for foreign residents

Language & cultural Study Abroad  

For : Talk lounge members of each language (English, Chinese & Japanese)

Activity : Strengthening citizens’ abilities through experiencing local culture, practicing language by visiting cities abroad with possibility of interchange